Does SMS provide a reliable platform for streamlining healthcare, boosting agriculture or aiding in disaster relief in areas with limited to no internet access? Take a look at our latest article to find out what we think:

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The BulkSMS Gateway for Marketo offers advanced SMS capabilities to @Marketo customers. This integration offers two-way SMS communication which means that replies can be pushed back into your workflow.

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We love SMS innovations like this! Take a look at how Elenktis is using our API to develop medical software solutions for health care practices in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Chile!

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Looking for an API that simplifies the encoding of characters for different languages, automatically deals with long messages and supports multiple webhooks? Our JSON API does that and so much more!

Click here to find out what else you can do with our API:

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We are so excited to be part of the first Research Conference on Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals, @Tourism4SDGs, happening in New Zealand over the next two days. Here’s a great article on how and why SMS is a sustainable communication channel:

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It can be tough to choose a safe and reliable API, which is exactly why we’ve created an API that is trusted by people all over the world! But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our clients are saying!

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Here’s to a happy holiday season from the team at! Thank you for your continued support; we appreciate it and look forward to another great year in 2019!

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With the festive season around the corner, why not make your customers feel extra special by sending them a personalised SMS message? Find out more about personalisation here:

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SME Professional is a cloud-based property management software company based in the UK. Together with their intuitive design, SME Professional has integrated SMS into their software so that all notifications are sent automatically from the platform; saving agents valuable time and freeing up resources. Read about this case study here:

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Together with the BulkSMS API, Digimat is able to monitor and maintain HVAC systems in various residential and commercial buildings via SMS. Watch this clip we’ve put together to see how and why they chose SMS: + T S.A., a Swiss company specialising in digital solutions, has developed a building management software suite called Digimat. This cloud-based suite is a…

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