SME Professional is a cloud-based property management software company based in the UK. Together with their intuitive design, SME Professional has integrated SMS into their software so that all notifications are sent automatically from the platform; saving agents valuable time and freeing up resources. Read about this case study here:

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Together with the BulkSMS API, Digimat is able to monitor and maintain HVAC systems in various residential and commercial buildings via SMS. Watch this clip we’ve put together to see how and why they chose SMS: + T S.A., a Swiss company specialising in digital solutions, has developed a building management software suite called Digimat. This cloud-based suite is a…

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How does this European fuel producer easily communicate delivery times and manage their customers’ service expectations with every order? By sending an SMS, of course. Take a look at this innovative use of SMS here:

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SMS has been around for almost as long as mobile phones have, making it the pioneer of mobile messaging platforms. Modern companies still use and trust this ‘old’ technology to get their important messages to their customers. Here are 6 reasons why:

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Our BulkSMS app enables you to easily manage, send, and receive SMS text messages to individuals in small or large groups straight from your iOS device. Read more about our app here:

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Take a look at how our client is using SMS shortcodes to create a way for businesses to quickly and easily generate leads. And better yet, it’s all managed on autopilot thanks to the integration of BulkSMS API. Read this case study here:

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Today is #WorldTourismDay, and this year it’s all about digital technologies! It’s the perfect time to highlight SMS as a sustainable communication tool – take a look at our thoughts here: | SMS Gateway to 213 CountriesGet Your Messages Across. is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services straight from your internet enabled computer. The BulkSMS gateway reaches across borders and connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide.

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Surveys allow businesses to get a better insight into their customers preferences and expectations so that the right products and business strategies can be developed.

Take a look at how SMS surveys can be used for instant customer feedback:

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Calling all our UK based followers! How would you like to win an entry into this weekend’s Hever Castle Triathlon? Don’t fancy the full triathlon? You can choose a shorter distance, or single discipline, race too. Complete our ‘SMS in Sports’ survey to enter here: T&Cs apply.

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Our Web to SMS platform offers a diverse way for you to manage your SMS communications. Whether you need to personalise your Sender ID, transfer SMS credits or send SMS messages from your email client, this platform can do it all!

Take a look at the video below for more info:Our Web to SMS platform allows you to personalise your Sender ID, sponsor SMS credits, send SMS messages from your email client and so much more! Watch our video to find out more about how you can use this platform to manage your SMS communications:

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